Raman Clubs

Raman Clubs

Raman Club has been created as a logical extension of the Raman Awards. The clubs will be established in interested schools and will provide sustained, accessible opportunities to explore science in a fun and engaging way.

Each child in the club will create hands-on activities using simple, unprocessed materials and explore key concepts using interactive science models. The pedagogy is designed to help children develop scientific literacy, creativity and problem-solving skills.

The programme commences with a day-long science exploratorium, organised in the school, where children can explore multiple concepts hands-on and are introduced to innovation and the scientific process. This is followed by up to nine hands-on activities annually, where children create working models and experiments. Raman Clubs will also provide additional learning opportunities:

  • Lectures by scientists and engineers on STEM in real life.
  • Accessible workshops on STEM careers.
  • Challenges where children showcase their work and get rewarded
  • Immersive experience in scientific/academic organisations*
  • Mentorship by Scientists and Engineers of repute*
  • Opportunity to become a Raman Science Ambassador*

Raman Club Mentors, certified teachers who receive special training in the scientific process and engaging children, would facilitate the programmes.

Apart from training and support, mentors will have access to exclusive content, including DIY guides and videos, concept connect videos and exploration.

Raman clubs are already active in 50 Government schools in Vijayanagara, Davanagere, Chikmagalur, Dharwad and Bengaluru, and 25 more are in the process of being setup.

Schools will need to pay a subsidised annual cost of ₹ 30,000, which includes the cost of materials and support. Government and low-income schools will be supported by private donors and CSR. Interested schools can apply here.

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