REST Finalists 2020

These are the list of Finalists who have automatically qualified from the 1st and 2nd Prelims.

Note: Everyone still has the opportunity to qualify through the 3rd Prelims. Please make full use of your remaining submissions and continue to participate actively and submit your entries.

Name REST ID Innovation Title
Monika Sindhwani T2586 Eddy Currents
Akhila .L.R T2926 Particles Of Matter Possess Kinetic Energy
Dimple Bhateja T1679 Some Concepts Of Circular Motion
Inamullah Ameerullah T2231 Simple Circuit Of An Electric Bell
Pramod Kumar Reddy T3480 Tabla Tubes
Rajender Dutt Parashar T3092 Understanding Speed And Shaft Power Of Driven Pulley With Different Radii
Riyaz Ahemad Jafar Shah T3015 Working Model Of Human Eye Defects And Corrections
Suksham Charu T1893 Electolysis Of Brine Solution(NaCl) To Produce Naoh & Gases Like Chlorine And Hydrogen

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