REST 2020 Result

The results for the REST Awards National Finals, held Online on the 7th and 8th of November 2020 are available. The Winners were announced on 29 November, along with the Winners of RYSI 2020. We had many excellent entries from the Finalists and our Judges helped us identify those that stood out. All participants should be proud of their work.

REST 2020 Final Result

Name Innovation Title Category School City
Jyoti Parruck Plant Body Parts and Function- Making Model Plant Root, Stem and Leaf for Transportation of Water Biology N/A Gurugram

Name Innovation Title Category School City
Meena Deorukhkar Soil Lamp Chemistry IES Orion Mumbai
Kamini Pundir Thermo Car Physics PYDS Learning Academy Dehradun

Certificate of Merit
Name Innovation Title Category School City
Dimple Bhateja Transpiration in Plants Biology JDSKV New Delhi
Rajender Dutt Parashar Understanding the Concepts of Thermodynamics in Easy and Fun Way Physics Lilawati Vidya Mandir New Delhi
Manmohan Automatic Temperature Controller Physics GSSS Patikara Mahendergarh

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