Inspired by the great response and success of the Raman Young Science Innovator (RYSI) Award, we have decided to institute the Raman Experiential Science Teacher (REST) Award. This contest will be open to any science teacher in the country, and much along the lines of the RYSI Award, will seek innovative entries for hands-on science activities.

We have a strong belief and conviction that teachers have among the strongest roles to play in society. All of us remember our best (and worst!) teachers throughout our life, and evidently as well as subconsciously, they have a huge impact on us. Outside of family, they are usually our first adult role models. Many children perhaps spend more time with their teachers during their childhood than with their parents. Schools play a massive role in fostering this relationship, and because they are seen and perceived as the place where children “learn and study”, the social impact of schools and teachers is massive. It is unfortunate that in our country they are not given their adequate due, in terms of respect and salaries, but the role they play can be truly priceless.

It is commendable that most teachers do what can often be called a thankless job, and do so with passion and a conviction that their work can have a positive impact on society. We feel it is equally important to showcase the qualities, skills and strengths of a teacher as it is for children. And hence our intention of instituting the REST Award. The premise and process will be very similar to that of the RYSI Award.

There will be three categories – Physics, Chemistry and Biology. The winner prize in each category is ₹ 25,000 and two runners-up will be given a cash prize of ₹ 10,000 each. Recognition will also be given to the schools the awardees hail from. Commendable mentions/certificates will be given to other worthy finalists.

The Award is instituted by the Raman Research Institute Trust and Innovation and Science Promotion foundation (ISPF) and sponsored by ThinkTac.

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