Process Overview

There are 2 ways to participate in the Raman Awards (RYSI Award):

  • Participate in the CBSE Science Challenge (Grades 8-10) and get nominated by your school. A maximum of 5 students can be nominated per school per grade. Schools that participate in the Science Challenge may also nominate 5 students per grade for Grades 3-7 as well. The nomination page for teachers is set up here.
  • Those who didn’t get nominated or who didn’t participate in the CBSE Science Challenge may still participate in the Raman Awards by participating in Stage 1 of the RYSI Award.
Evaluation Cycle Timeline
CBSE Science Challenge Nominations
Preliminaries / Stage 1
School nominations by 10th May 2022
Submissions start: 15th May 2022
Stage 1 submission deadline: 10th August 2022
Stage 1 results: 15th August 2022
National Qualifiers / Stage 2 Start: 14th July 2022

Submission deadline: 15th October 2022

Results: 25th November 2022

National Finals / Stage 3 Live, Sunday, 18 December

IF a student is getting nominated, then what grade they were in February 2022, i.e. academic year 2021-22, is the grade that counts.
IF a student is taking part normally, i.e. via Stage 1, then the grade they are in academic year 2022-23 is the one that counts.

Process Overview


Submit a photo and video of a pre-decided activity, which needs to prove that you have made the activity and made it work. Answer a Competency-Based Education (CBE) quiz related to the Activity/Topic. Based on the quality of submissions and quiz scores, you may be selected for Stage 2 of the RYSI Award. We will update this page once this stage is open to submissions.

Stage 2 (National Qualifiers)

Like previous editions, here you will be expected to submit a maximum of 2 innovations – with video, photos and description – of your choice, pertaining to any topic relevant to the I-X standard national science curriculum. In addition, you will have to prepare and fill in an observation table (the data you collected while playing with the activity) for each submission you have made. You will also be required to answer a CBE quiz related to topics in your category.


The shortlisting process will require children to develop a “new” hands-on, experiential science activity in any of the shortlisted topics of science. The submission, which is made on the award website, should include the following:

  1. A checklist filled by the participant which brings out:
    • Originality of the idea. If the idea is a variation of an existing idea, then provide link to existing idea.
    • Effectiveness with which it conveys the chosen topic
    • Ease of access to materials required
    • Fun – how much will a child enjoy the activity?
  2. Media – Photos and / or video of the activity
  3. Description – A short description of the science behind the activity
  4. Materials Used (and their availability)
  5. The submission should include a) Scientific Principle addressed b) Materials used c) Description of steps d) Description of Science and most importantly photos, illustration and / or video of the activity.

Review a sample submission in the Resources section of the website and download it in the Download page.

Stage 3 (National Finals)

For the National Finals, approximately 100 selected finalists, split approximately evenly across the 3 categories, will contest a National Finals Live, at Panchavati, Bangalore on Sunday, the 18th of December, 2022.

During the finals, one science topic will be chosen for each category and children will be briefed on the topic and provided access to selected resources and a range of materials. Finalists are expected to create their own innovations “on the fly”, and the best one, judged by our expert panel, will be declared the winner in each category.

Watch this space for details of the National Finals.

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