RYSI Award 2018-19 Winners

A special thanks to the Finalists for taking part in the RYSI Award Finals. It was a pleasure seeing all of you on Sunday, 24th February 2019. The models you brought and the new ones you created were a testament to your innovative nature and we hope that this is just the beginning of your scientific exploration.

Winner Name Category Award Details
Mandar Mohan Kolhatkar Junior Winner Age: 10
Standard: 4
School: Calorx Olive International School
City: Ahmedabad
Model: Magnetic Pen Stand
Swetha N.K. Junior Runner-Up Age: 11
Standard: 4
School: Shishu Gruha Montessori and High School
City: Bengaluru
Model: Cetrifugal Lift
Nihar NR Junior Runner-Up Age: 9
Standard: 4
School: BGS National Public School
City: Bengaluru
Model: Matchbox Gun
Somaditya Pal Junior Runner-Up Age: 10
Standard: 4
School: Golden Valley H.S. School
City: Dharmanagar
Model: Magnetic Pen Knife
Suma Turumari Intermediate Winner Age: 13
Standard: 7
School: GHPS Bogur
City: Dharwad
Model: Heart Model
S.M. Jegadiswar Intermediate Runner-Up Age:12
Standard: 7
School: Jeevana School
City: Madurai
Model: Lung Model
Soham Bhushan Joshi Intermediate Runner-Up Age: 10
Standard: 5
School: Universal School
City: Mumbai
Model: Heart Attack
Aniketh Venugopal Senior Winner Age: 14
Standard: 9
School: Jnanasagara International Public School
City: Hassan
Model: Soil pH Anlysis
Vinayak Prabhu K Senior Runner-Up Age: 13
Standard: 8
School: BGS National Public School
City: Bengaluru
Model: Tesla Coil
Shreshth Yadav Senior Runner-Up Age: 12
Standard: 9
School: Green Fields School
City: New Delhi
Model: Eddy Current


  • Dr. Jayant Murthy – Director & Senior Faculty, Indian Institute of Astrophysics (IIA), Bangalore; PhD, Johns Hopkins University, USA; worked at the Goddard Space Flight Center (NASA), Maryland, USA, specialist in Space Astronomy with broad interests.

  • Dr. Dwarakanath K.S – Raman Research Institute (RRI), Bangalore; PhD from IISc, Main area of work Extragalactic astronomy using techniques of Radio-astronomy.

  • Dr. Divya Bellur Uma – Faculty at School of Liberal Studies (SLS), Azim Premji University (APU), Bangalore. PhD, Georgetown University, USA; Post-doc at IISER, Thiruvananthapuram. Main interests include predator-prey interactions and mimicry as well as in alternative teaching styles.

  • Dr. Dipankar Banerjee – Faculty, IIA. PhD, IIA. Post-doc positions at Armagh, Northern Ireland and Leuven, Belgium. Broad interest in solar astronomy, with a particular focus on magneto-hydrodynamics. Also uses archived solar data from, for example, the Kodaikanal Solar Observatory.

  • Dr. Kripa Gowrishankar – Faculty at SLS, APU. Master’s, IIT, Madras. PhD, RRI. Post-doc at University of California, Davis, USA. Kripa has explored her passion of “physics in biology” and has brought that zeal to her hands-on teaching in APU, where her research interests also include Statistical Mechanics and Physics Education.

  • Dr. S.P. Rajaguru – Faculty, IIA. PhD, IISc (Joint Astronomy Programme). Post-doc at Imperial College London, UK and Stanford University, USA. Main research interests include the solar interior and helioseismology. He plays a major role in science outreach at IIA and elsewhere, bringing astronomy to the masses.

  • Mr. Sekhar Soorianarayanan – The Valley School, Bangalore. Hands-on science teacher for kids of all ages. Previously at GE, Bangalore. Graduate Studies at Texas Tech. Vast experience and passionate interest in creating hands-on learning tools and modules for middle and high school students of science.

  • Dr. Abha Rao – Public Health Foundation of India (PHFI), Bangalore. Previously at National Institute of Advanced Studies (NIAS), Bangalore and St. John’s Research Institute, Bangalore. PhD from the Univ. of Arizona, USA. Vast experience in the field of Public Health.

  • Dr. DCV Mallik – Retired Faculty, IIA; Main area of work Interstellar Matter and Planetary Nebulae. PhD, Univ. of Wisconsin, Madison, USA. Senior author of the biography of Sir KS Krishnan; edited books on astronomy, currently working in the field of History of Science.

  • Mr. Proteep Mallik – SLS, APU. Extensive experience in the field of optical engineering with firms such as Pacific Biosciences and KLA-Tencor in the USA. Graduate studies at Optical Sciences Center, Univ of Arizona, USA.

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