REST Finalists 2019

We have selected ten worthy finalists for the National Finals based on the first prelims.
Congratulations to all of you! 

We had many excellent entries, and many didn’t make it to the Finals List, but it was our pleasure and challenge to sift out what we thought really stood out. All participants should be proud of their work. 

Second prelims are now open. Please refer to the schedule page for more details.

Name REST ID Submission Title
Inamullah Ameerullah t2231 Magnetic Effect of Electric Current
Kamini Pundir t1588 Let’s Learn Circuits
Mahesh M B t1962 Make Your Own Microscope (Poor Man’s Microscope)
Anupama S t1056 Falling Cones
Asha Bora t2020 Flipping Block
Dimple Bhateja t1679 Principle of Electric Motor and Generator
Nandita Aich t2630 Friction on Different Surfaces
Darshil Patel t2026 Stone of the Thirsty Crow
Mani Agarwal t2633 Conduction of Electricity by Ionic Compound
Khemraj Sahu t2143 Test for Acid ,Bases and Salt by Natural Method

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