Award Schedule


Nomination Start Date 1st July 2024
Nomination End Date 30th August 2024
Stage 1 Start Date 31st August 2024
Stage 2 Start Date 1st October 2024
Stage 1 Deadline 15th October 2024
Stage 1 Results 20 October 2024
Stage 2 Deadline 30th November 2024
Stage 2 Results 10th January 2025
RYSI Finals 1st and 2nd February 2025

Key Notes:

  1. There are three paths through which a student can participate:
  2. Preliminary Attempt – A child must participate in the preliminary stage with the opportunity to submit a maximum of two innovations.
  3. Mentoring – A child can request for free mentoring after making a draft submission. Mentoring will be provided by volunteers on a first come first serve basis, encouraging the child to explore and helping to fine-tune their submissions.
  4. Participation – Submission will be primarily online. However, some submissions are expected from Government Schools and other partner institutions based on physical submissions/contests.
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