Award Schedule


Submission Deadline:  15-OCT-2019
National Finals:24-NOV-2019

Key Notes:

  1. Preliminary Submissions – Preliminary submissions can be in any topic in the I-X standard science curriculum. Two submissions will be allowed at each Preliminary stage.
  2. Preliminary Attempts – A child can participate in each of the three preliminary stages, with the opportunity to submit a total of six innovations.
  3. Mentoring – A child can request for free mentoring after making a draft submission. Mentoring will be provided by volunteers on a first come first serve basis, encouraging the child to explore and helping to fine-tune their submissions.
  4. Participation – Submission will be primarily online. However, some submissions are expected from Government Schools and other partner institutions based on physical submissions/contests.

Prelims concluded till now

To give children more flexibility, opportunity and time, the annual event will be conducted in multiple stages as explained below.

RYSI Stage Start Date End Date Results Topics
Preliminary – 1 15th Apr 19 31st May 19 20th Jun 19 Open
Preliminary – 2 1st Jun 19 31st Jul 19 20th Aug 19 Open

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