REST 18-19 Result

The results for National Finals that were held Online on 26/27 January 2019 are available. The awards will be distributed on 24 February, at Sir C.V. Raman’s home, Panchavati, in Malleswaram. We had many excellent entries from the Finalists and our Judges helped us identify those that stood out. All participants should be proud of their work.

REST 18-19 Final Result

Name School City Submission Title
Khushboo Lahoti (Physics) Edugenie Guwahati Leak-proof bottle
Nithya KN (Biology) Excel Public School Mysore Types of Joints in Human Body
Tara Kiran Kurre (Chemistry) Primus Public School Bangalore Chemcipe – Teaching Chemistry through Cooking (Peanut Chikki)

Name School City Submission Title
Gyaneshwaran Gomathinayagam The Doon School Dehradun Straw Sprinkler
Manmohan Government Senior Secondary School Patikara Bernoulli’s Principle: Magnus Effect
Meena Deorukhkar IES ORION Mumbai pH card

Certificate of Merit
Name School City Submission Title
Anupama S BGS National Public School Bangalore Rotational Motion – Toy
Asha Bora Christel House India Bangalore Twirling cup – Electrostatic force
Sunil Kumar Pant Shri Ram Centennial School Dehradun Newton’s Laws of Motion

Panel of Scientists and Teachers to Judge the Finalists

  • Dr. Jayant Murthy – Director, Indian Institute of Astrophysics (IIA), Bangalore; PhD, Johns Hopkins University, USA; worked at the Goddard Space Flight Center (NASA), Maryland, USA, specialist in Space Astronomy with broad interests.

  • Dr. Dwarakanath – Raman Research Institute (RRI), Bangalore; PhD from IISc, Main area of work Extragalactic astronomy using techniques of Radio Astronomy.

  • Mr. Sekhar Soorianarayanan – The Valley School, Bangalore. Hands-on science teacher for kids of all ages. Previously at GE, Bangalore. Graduate Studies at Texas Tech

  • Dr. Sushma V. Mallik – Retired Faculty, IIA, Bangalore. Specialised in stellar spectroscopy. PhD and career at IIA, the last doctoral student of M K Vainu Bappu, the father of optical astronomy in India. Early user of high-resolution techniques using facilities at the Kavalur Observatory.

  • Mr. Proteep Mallik– School of Liberal Studies, Azim Premji University, Bangalore. Extensive experience in the field of optical engineering with firms such as Pacific Biosciences and KLA-Tencor in the USA. Graduate studies at Optical Sciences Center, Univ. of Arizona, USA.

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