REST Finalists 2019

We have selected sixty worthy finalists for the National Finals that will be held Online on 26/27 January 2018. The National Award Winners will be given the awards on 24 February, at Sir C.V. Raman’s home, Panchavati, in Malleswaram. Congratulations to all of you! We had many excellent entries, and many didn’t make it to the Finals List, but it was our pleasure and challenge to sift out what we thought really stood out. All participants should be proud of their work.

Name of Finalist Title of Submission
Aishwarya Krishnamoorthy Working Model of Nephron-Urine formation
Akashdeep Thapa Learning aid for Reflection of Light
Anamika Jha How to Find Refactive index of a Medium using a Simple Method
Anita Rajendran to investigate the Different Light Sources on the Rate of Photosyntjesis
Anitha Nair K Integrated Learning of Different Sciences
Anupama S Air and Pressure
Asha Bora Flippy Wire – DC Motor
Bharti Gandhi Weather Detecting Flower
Darshil Patel Study of Diffraction and Interference using Ripple Tank (Refraction in Water)
Debajit Ghosh Extraction of Fe (Iron) from its Ore by Simple Match Stick.
Deepali Chauhan Simple Machines (Screw Pump for the Modern Day Vertial Garden)
Dhanyavathi K Herbal Coated Water Proof Bag
Dhoolappa, M from Waste to Wealth and Health:Organic anti Mosquito Cake…A Step towards Sustainability
Dimple Bhateja Improvisation of Flemming’S Left Hand Rule
Dinesh Kumar Mini Garden Cum Vermicomposter
G.Srinivasu Dust inhaler
Girish Sharma Equilibrium of a Body
H.Aravind Energy Required by an Electron to Move from Ground State to Higher Energy Levels
Jyothi Movement Due to Water Pressure
K. Vasudha Jain Hybridization by K. Vasudha Jain
Kalpana Tehlan Aeroplane Wings
Kanchan Chamola Air Pressure Experiment
Keshav Jain Bernoulli’s theorem by Keshav Jain
Khushboo Lahoti Human Circuit
M Venkatarama Sekhar Refraction in a Bottle.
Mahesh Mb 3D Constallation Box
Manish Jain Development of Low Cost Nutritious Food
Manmohan Static Eletricity
Mariam Sultana Atom, Element, Compound and Mixtures
Meena Deorukhkar Traveling Water
Mr. Hasnath The Rich Flora – the Best Solution
Ms.Anku Kumari Neutralisation
Neelam Sharma Help for Disable
Nidhi Maan Refraction of Light- Twinkling of Stars
Nithya Kn Things Required for Plant Growth
P.Saritha Go Greeny Grow Healthy
Param Dev Singh Scattering of Light – Tyndall Effect
Pesara Prabhakar Reddy Anemia
Pooja Dhand Ripening of Fruits
Pratima Ganvkar 3D Holograph Illusion
Priyanka Rani Blood Transfusion- antigen antibody interaction
Ravinder Kumar Total Internal Reflection
Richa Agarwal Effect of Humidity on accumulated Charges
Richa Gupta Artificial Blood
S S Chougule Smokeless Stove
S.Rajam Food-Test
Salomi Daniel Fuel from Plastics
Sandeep Kumar Atmospheric Pressure
Satish Thermo-Electric Generator (Electricity from Waste Going Heat)
Sourabh Kaushal Electric Motor
Suchibrata Borah Tiranga
Suksham Charu Fabrication of Microbial Fuel Cell to Study the Effect of Change in pH for Electricity Production
Suman Bisht Physical Properties of Matter
Sunil Kumar Pant Mutual induction
Supriya Kaluvala Web Geometry and Math
Tara Kiran Kurre Mole Concept Made Fun
Umasindhu We Love air Man!
Upma Mittal Vitality Meter
Vinita Sharma Eno on, acidity Gone…. Why?
Vishakha Pathak Working Model of Human Ear

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