Participants are expected to create hands-on science activities that demonstrate a principle in the selected topic. Working models, toys or experiments that help demonstrate the scientific principle selected may be submitted. The entries will be judged based on:

  1. Originality of the idea
  2. Effectiveness with which it conveys the chosen topic
  3. Ease of access to materials required
  4. Engagement and Exploration possibility – what’s the scope of the activity?


Note: Numbers are for representational purpose only.


The Eureka moment can strike anytime!

We accept ideas for the Preliminary Stage all year round. Just proceed to submit your innovation after registering yourself. You can have multiple ideas and we would be happy to review them, a maximum of two entries per phase. The deadline for submission is 4th October 2020.

We will be accepting entries from 15th Jan 2020.


Preliminary submission will be online. The teacher can choose any science topic that appears in the school curriculum of any board and is allowed to submit upto three entries for evaluation in each evaluation cycle.


The shortlisting process will require teachers to develop a “new” hands-on, experiential science activity on a topic of their choice. The submission, which is made on the award website, should include the following:

  1. Media – Photos and / or video of the activity
  2. Description – A short description of the science behind the activity
  3. Materials Used (and their availability)
  4. The submission should include

    1. Scientific Principle addressed
    2. Materials used
    3. Description of steps
    4. Description of Science and most importantly photos, illustration and / or video of the activity.
    5. Observations that a child can make

Review a sample submission in the Resources section of the website and download it in the Download page.


For the Finals, 100 selected finalists, will be invited to participate in an Online National Finals in three categories – Physics, Chemistry and Biology. The National Award Winners will receive the award at Panchavati, the former Home of Sir C.V.Raman on 29th November 2020.


The broad process for the online national finals will be as follows:

  1. We will announce a Topic for each category (within the III-X standard NCERT science syllabus) on 29st October 2020 by 6 PM. The topic will be sent by email to each of the confirmed participants
  2. The Participant will have time till 12 Midnight on 1st November 2020 to prepare and submit their innovation
  3. Only One submission will be allowed per finalist, only in the designated category. Submission in other categories will be rejected
  4. Other than the details submitted in the preliminary stage, the participants will need to provide the following additional information:
    • Video of 4 Minutes or shorter will be mandatory
    • Details of how the Science will be communicated using the activity will have to be provided, and if possible included in the video
    • A checklist with additional details will need to be filled-in and uploaded
    • A Government Photo Identify Card copy needs to be uploaded in the Photos section
  5. The checklist format and an example submission will be provided by 29th October 2020 11AM

Watch this space for more details soon.

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