1. Who can participate?
  2. Any science teacher, currently teaching or retired, from anywhere in the country, can participate.

  3. What are the Award Categories
    • Physics
    • Chemistry
    • Biology
  4. Can a teacher teaching in non-English medium apply?
  5. Yes. This is a language neutral competition. However, keep in mind that all our instructions and communication will be in English. Our website may not support your language of choice, in which case you will have to send in your entry in languages other than English by post.

  6. Can individuals and teams (a group of teachers) participate?
  7. Only individuals can participate. Teams CANNOT participate.

  8. Is registering for the competition mandatory?
  9. Yes

  10. How should I register?
  11. Refer to for online registration. You will get an acknowledgement to your registered email ID.

  12. I am in an area where Internet is not accessible. Can I register?
  13. Yes. In case you are in an area where internet is inaccessible, you can send the registration via post to
    Innovation & Science Promotion Foundation
    Ref: REST Award
    c/o Raman Research Institute Trust
    Panchavati, 15th Cross, 8th Main,
    Malleswaram, Bangalore 560003

    However, we cannot send any acknowledgement if you send via post.

  14. When is the last date for registering?
  15. December 23rd, 2018

  16. What is the process for the award?
  17. Please refer to REST Process on the said website.

  18. What should I do after registering?
  19. Participants are expected to create – on their own – hands-on science activities that demonstrate a principle on any chosen science topic. Working models, toys or experiments that help demonstrate a scientific principle may be submitted. Up to two (2) active submissions (entries that will be considered for evaluation) may be entered for the preliminary stage per participant for consideration.

  20. Can I choose whatever theme or topic I like to build my model/toy or experiment?
  21. Yes. For the preliminary stage, any science topic – typically taught in the national science curriculum – can be considered by the contestant. A comprehensive list can be found on Topic List

  22. Should I submit an actual working model by courier
  23. No. There is NO need to courier anything. You are only required to send photos and details of your innovation.

  24. When is the last date for submission of my entry?
  25. December 23rd, 2018

  26. Should I do anything after submission of my science model/toy or experiment?
  27. No. We will intimate you by email (mobile in case you have submitted by post), in case you are selected to participate in the Finals, by 10th January 2019. If you do not hear back from us by this date, you have not progressed to the Finals.

  28. If I am selected for Phase III – The Finals, should I come to Bengaluru?
  29. Yes.

  30. Will I be given sufficient time to make travel arrangements?
  31. Yes. The finals will be held on 24th February, and the results of Phase II will be out on 10th February, which provides you about 2 weeks to make travel arrangements.

  32. Will I be reimbursed travel and stay expenses?
  33. No, travel and stay arrangements have to be made by the teacher.

  34. What support do I get to prepare?
  35. The Resources section of the web site has a wealth of information on Experiential Science and samples of learning tools / innovations that we expect to see. Please review Resources for more details.

  36. Can I get a sample to understand more?
  37. The REST Award cannot provide you samples. However, our partner organisation, ThinkTac, provides sample(s). Please note that this is optional and has to be purchased at a nominal cost from the ThinkTac website.

  38. How can I communicate with the REST organisers?
  39. With several thousand participants, we will be unable to individually address your queries. The best way to communicate with us is through the Raman Award forums where we will do our best to respond to all queries. Visit Forums to participate in our forums and get your queries answered.

  40. Do schools get an award if their teachers win or reach the finals?
  41. Yes. Schools that ensure participation of 3 or more teachers will be recognised and schools with award-winning teachers will get a shield. Please refer to Schools for the details.

  42. I am interested in volunteeri How do I go about this?
  43. Volunteers are most welcome. Please refer to Volunteers site for details.

  44. What are the Contest Rules?
  45. A complete set of rules for the REST award can be found at REST Rules. Please register for the Award only after you have read and understood the rules and are in complete agreement with them.

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